Stitch Campaign / Final Project
London College of Communication

Final project for Post Graduate Diploma at the
London College of Communication. The goal of the
Stitch awareness pack is to generate a change of
attitude and behaviour towards clothing care. While
fast fashion machine continues to expand, there
is a growing need to slow it down and extending the
life-cycle of our clothes. Reversing quantity for quality.

The pack includes a newspaper publication and
a Stitch Kit. These would potentially be distributed to
consumers at participating shops and organizations
in London. The Stitch identity was created by digitally
stitching the Bodoni typeface.

An extensive research on sustainable papers was
conducted to mark the ethos of the project. Thesis
publication is printed on 100% recovered cotton
(Cranes Crest Letra). The Stitch Kit is printed on
specialty brew paper from made with malt, yeast
and hops leftovers from brewing, recycled beer
labels and totally chlorine free pulp (Gmund de Bier).